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Cartier Carat For Women - Eau De Parfum

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SAR 502.95 ( شامل الضريبة )


  • 50ML
  • 100ML

Cartier Carat For Women:

The new Cartier Carat EDP perfume is inspired by the diamond.

The refraction of white light when it meets a diamond is the inspiration of the new perfume, for which Cartier managed to turn diamonds into ... flowers.

The in house perfumer of Cartier , Mathilde Laurent, chose flowers of different colors, combining them in order to create a new, perfect, fantastic white flower.

The new Cartier Carat EDP fragrance was created to offer those who wear it a sense of pleasure. It's like putting the radiation of a diamond in your heart!

Base Notes - Musk

Middle Notes - Violet

Top Notes - Pear