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OFRA Pro Palette - Boho

51 مراجعة

SAR 252 ( شامل الضريبة )

OFRA Pro Palette:

Boho is a mixed face palette that gives off ethereal earthy vibes.

Create looks that will be the envy of sunsets with this easy to carry compact palette perfect for travelling from Fiji to Ibiza.


  • Essential (metallic rust copper) 
  • Sublime (plum purple with shimmering gold flakes) 
  • Brown (matte warm-toned brown) 
  • Bohemian (metallic neutral brown) 
  • Divine (metallic warm bronze) 
  • Country Road (matte creamsicle orange) 
  • Bark (matte cool-toned dark brown) 
  • French Mocha (matte neutral brown)  


  • Raisin (warm brown with slight sheen) 
  • Charm (matte natural peach) 


  • Rodeo Drive 
  • Mini Blissful


  • Versatile Matte Bronzer 
  • Banana Powder

Makeup type - Bronzing - Contour - Highlighter

Formulation - Powder